Aluminium Roll Down Shutters
Engineered to be the best, our End Retension Roll Down Shutters are designed for strength and beauty. Our strength has been rigorously tested and certified and span industry leading widths up to 6.65 meters and heights up to 9.1 meters.

Aluminium Roll Down Shutters 


  • We offers the first impact-rated hood assembly on the market
  • Locking bottom slat available for extra security and design load
  • Connector slats attach slats to motor tube for greater stability and added security


  • End Retention and Non-End Retention Versions
  • Vented and Non-Vented 56mm Slats
  • Idlers with Stainless Steel Idler Bearings
  • Mounting plates are Polyurethane Powder Coated to resist corrosion
  • Available in White, Beige, Ivory and Bronze with a 10-Year Warranty on Powder Coating
  • Manual operated versions lifting capacity is up to 350 lbs without spring assistance
  • Motorization available with tubular motors up to 1011 pounds and wireless electronics which accommodate a wide range of applications.
  • Impact-rated hood Components

 End Retention

  • Approved up to 21 ft. wide and 12 ft. high
  • Reinforced aluminum Side Rails
  • End Retention Slat Locks engineers from high-strength
    Nylon 6/6
  • Rivets attach End Retention Slat Locks to Slat
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